Archaeological papers by Ole Vejbaek

Vejbaek, O., "Agre og miler ved Filsö", Kuml, 2005, pp. 187-124.
(Summary: Fields and pottery kilns at Filsö).


Ridge and furrow field preserved under thick layer of blown sand. AMS dating of C14 points at the ridges being from the time between 1050 and 1080. A house on a stone sill built across the ridges dates from the second half of the 12th century. It looks as if the house on the stone sill and rows of pottery kilns south of it were contemporary. The activities on the site were probably put to an end by a sand drift around 1200 AD.



Vejbaek, O.,"Om agerryggenes oprindelse og udvikling", Bol og By - Landbohistorisk Tidsskrift, 2003, pp. 133-187.


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Veibaek, O., "Ploven og dens betydning, med særligt henblik på landsbyorganisation", Skanderborg 1974. TEKST & PLANCHER


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